Green Ginger Wine

by Robin Elliott

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    12" vinyl double-EP with Green Ginger Wine as side A plus five songs from the cut-short follow up Nowhere in Particular as the B side.

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Lean Times 03:25
lean times are on their way gonna be a lot more work at lot less play gonna be here now any day lean times are on their way when men like me aren't hard to find who've never done a days work in our lives we're gonna be the last ones of our kind ain't going to make it through no lean times maybe you've got a lot of things to say you've been around the world on holiday your mother lived till she was old and grey but lean times are on their way lean times are on their way maybe tomorrow if not today nothing that's here is ever here to stay lean times are on their way and if you made it through then what you did was right who's there to argue with the winners of the fight but stick around, Punchy, and you might find that you ain't seen the last of lean times maybe we will all fly off some day climb in our ships and sail away, hey-hey and try our luck on airless rocks in space but from yourself I fear there's no escape lean times are on their way take two steps towards it and one away as long as you're living you're never safe lean times are on their way man keeps on trying to survive keeps living all the time that he can stay alive the time that he can't stay alive is the time he dies but if he ain't died he's going to keep on trying and if I have a child someday I'm going to say you'd best not make mistakes that I have made but the advice has always been the same and goddamn kids don't ever change lean times are on their way take two steps forwards and you're one step away nothing that's here is ever here to stay, but lean times are on their way © Robin Elliott 2015 all rights reserved
Start Me Up 03:30
one day I'm going to be somebody yeah just you wait and see going to make myself a lot of money and everyone will want me and I'm going to set the world to rights in my perfection fights the good fight to the ordinary people I'll a hero be but I just can't get started I can't figure out why I just can't get started I... baby I've got big ideas to tell you I know you're going to want to hear and we will be so good together when to me you want to be near and when I'm there I'll show you things of which you've never seen the like the only thing that's stopping me is that I just can't get started I've been like this for years I just can't get started I don't know what it is I've had my share of opportunities I must admit but nothing ever seems to turn out right how is it that fulfilment for me can be oh so hard to find when in my mind my greatness does the world bestride I thought I was waiting for the train but it turns out that I'm tied to the tracks listening to that old whistle blowing and I just can't get started I just can't get started I just can't get started so could you maybe help me out © Robin Elliott 2015 all rights reserved
Par Avion 05:01
you flew away from me after a year and we said that our constancy would never waiver or might never waiver, so long either one had had nothing superior come along then I thought I might love you and in through my door came laughing your letter and fell to my floor with in-jokes all the envelope embroidered on and under my name written par avion o Antonia always be mine birds sing, stars shine o Antonia the closer you came, love, the further I fled till in my fear and arrogance your love I left I wouldn't say always I couldn't decide if it was nothing I felt or if I hid inside but what true emotion would dare shrink away into empty night's cold from the warmth of your day where your love waited smiling and soft-voiced in song and no doubts had ever existed for long o Antonia nights grow colder but where is your breath on my shoulder o Antonia then the birds sang the summer in and my heart believed and the blossom burst forth and then fell like the leaves of an autumn inverted and turned from as I turned to you but it's a long flight by starlight and you say the world's turned and stars might burn out but still seem to shine true now the sky's getting darker, dear, every day and the birds overhead call as they fly away the cold binds my fingers and howls at my door it's the end of the world, dear it must be: I'm sure the planes are all grounded and the fuel is all gone but the lesson your letter taught my heart flies on I'm alone and I'm frozen I don't feel a thing I walk out in to winter still hoping for spring o Antonia life's all leaving but time turns all things o Antonia o Antonia birds sing, stars shine always be mine o Antonia o Antonia © Robin Elliott 2015 all rights reserved
Baby is an artist someone's drawn pictures on her neck she takes whatever drugs come along with style she'd mean a little more to me I think as she walks in maybe I'll take her out to dinner in a while and everybody's smiling the party's taking hold somewhere applause is dying I stood in the corner and tried to act mature more mature than I was given credit for outside as gentle chunks of vomit splatter on the ground and the stars are spinning circles in the sky my friends and I smoke spliff and chat shit lying on the lawn and our conversations start to pass us by and di not good men of Rome some say along the marble colonnades of yore you know that we can't carry on like this forever, lads but still it meant fuck all and in the darkness in between the trees beyond the garden wall the music and carousing far behind the breeze between the leaves begins murmuring and Uncle Bob never came 'round to our house but I heard him say a lot but in a book he'd written later on on it I read that he hadn't said exactly what I thought and I'm stood in the corner swearing I'm for real but I swear on my tape recorder and my middle name and Baby knows the way it goes she doesn't even really seem to mind but somewhere applause is dying and we're running out of time © Robin Elliott 2015 all rights reserved
Shapeshifter 02:39
blue sky wait for me it's all mine when I need when I need it's all the same to me slips away dressed up like what you're meant to see always willing if you think you're able shapeshifter seeks unavailable you can see it down by the Grand Union wears a caved in smile until the stars come floating back so soon again in the water where the blue sky waits for me © Robin Elliott 2015 all rights reserved
I'm at the bottom of the well in the bottle on the shelf and the rain is pouring if I could find a promise I could keep I could find the man I used to be but now I know he was always me so here I'll sit and sing along in time with my whiskey and green ginger wine there are gypsies washing windscreens by the lights out on the ring-road and gangs roaming the streets abandoned mansions crumble round the creeping ivy and a decent man can't hold his head up high and not get stared down by kids just off the playgrounds and now I sway my head is heavy I've made mistakes I've made too many green ginger green ginger ginger wine I'm at the edges of the city where some places used to be where the old canals run green but the streets here seem so strange now like they came in at night and found me out changed themselves around till the houses are facade-fronts in a dream of some moonlit suburban Western Yasmin, she works for the sauna/massage on the corner bt she'll meet me if I pay her and so it was that day when she lead me by the hand over the footbridge to trees and to the lilacs she knows how to get me on my knees I like to wallow in my misery green ginger green ginger ginger wine all the time in the woods were voices up ahead someone was shouting Yasmin ran, she thought it was her pimp for some reason I kept walking and in the clearing two men argued over a child kept quiet by the barrel of a gun and when that child looked at me I ran until my lungs burned and I could not breathe green ginger green ginger ginger wine all the time © Robin Elliott 2015 all rights reserved


released September 14, 2015

Malin Dahlgren: backing vocals
Robin Elliott: vocals, guitar, songwriter
Eric Ford: drums
Tobi Lustigman: engineer, production
Viktor Naslund: backing vocals
Mao Yamada: bass


all rights reserved



Robin Elliott London, UK

Extraordinary songwriter and performer.

Funnier and more self-deprecating than this makes me sound.

Forthcoming album There is a Land is awash with novel narrative strategies and novelty Brexit tunes.

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